I’m starting to tell you about a brand new Universe, guys.

Many years ago, a group of NFT artists dreamed of a utopian universe. These four great artists are; LIMITI, Golden Lady, Altanio and Bitcoin Guru. Then each of them, one after another, decided to tell their friends about this dream. And among his friends; Scientists, soldiers, police, farmers, all the talented people you can think of decided to believe in this dream and work on it. And the idea of ​​”Human Utopia” emerged. The center of this idea was the Earth. This new universe idea would spread from here to the whole universe. However, the first step had to be taken somewhere. And they brought together all the materials they had and told these four great artists that they needed to document the history of this entire universe. Billions of unified people working in the background and four great artists on the front line; LIMITI, Golden Lady, Altanio and Bitcoin Guru. Just like the Fantastic Four in American movies. This adventure starts right here. Sit back and join us on this adventure. Be among our first settlers. We are establishing a new colony. Are you ready to be a part of this colony?

Then join us!..

Join us in this grand endeavor, and let your dreams find expression in the virtual land of Peputo.

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